The Future Calls | Now Enrolling for Fall 2018

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Mosaic College offers a unique experience that attracts the most committed, creative, and passionate individuals driven to create a more beautiful world through the heart of the church.


Students will engage in learning environments that will help them discover the life they were created to live, including focuses on scripture study, ministry skill-building, and character development. Students will also learn the unique strategies that make Mosaic LA so effective in reaching the spectrum of people furthest from and most open to the gospel.


Your adventure awaits.


We believe that the future desperately needs a new type of leader and we want to build that leader in you.


Will you choose to journey with us?



  • Must be at least 18 years old at the start of the college.
  • Must have been a follower of Jesus and in a local church for at least one year.
  • Must have successfully completed high school, or have equivalent post schoolwork experience.
  • Must have the proper financial resources to cover tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses during the duration of the program.
  • Must have the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health required to successfully undertake the demands of the program.



$4,000.00 for the Fall 2018 Semester

$4,000.00 for the Spring 2019 Semester



  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Church and Ministry
  • Introduction to Evangelism
  • Doctrine
  • Personal Leadership
  • Team Leadership


After submitting my application, when should I expect to receive a response?

Once we have received a completed application, you will get a response within a few days. If your application is submitted incomplete, we will contact you to request any remaining items. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Who can I ask for a Pastoral Recommendation?

Pastoral Recommendations can be completed by anyone currently on Pastoral Staff at Mosaic or at your current church with whom you’ve had a relationship with for at least 6 months. If you have not known your pastor for at least 6 months, you may submit a recommendation from both your current and former pastor or submit two additional personal recommendations.


Do I need to be attending a local church to apply?

We require that you have been attending one consistent church for at least 12 months prior to applying to the college.


What can you do with a Mosaic Certificate in Ministry Leadership?

Upon completion of the program, students will be trained in practical ministry and servant leadership. Although the program is unaccredited, you will receive world-class investment and be properly equipped to serve both in the local church and outside the church in whatever capacity you choose.


Who will I be learning from?

Mosaic’s Pastoral Staff and leadership team.


How big is my class?

Class size depends on the number of accepted applicants but normal class sizes range from 30-50 students.


Does the college offer financial aid or student loans?

The college is unable to provide scholarships or student loans at this time. Students must pay for classes by either working before coming to college and saving, or having family and friends support them financially. Tuition is due before the first day of class. With that said, we highly encourage you to not let the fear of finances keep you from applying to attend the college. This might be a great opportunity for God to intervene and provide means that did not previously exist.


Can classes transfer?

We cannot guarantee that your Mosaic College coursework will transfer to any other college or university. However, we are happy to provide any available documentation for your transfer request.


Does Mosaic College offer student visas?

Each student is responsible for handling their own visa process.


What devices and supplies will I need to complete my coursework?

Students will be expected to have regular internet access for email communication and writing assignments. A laptop or tablet is recommended. Students will not have access to any of Mosaic’s computers, printers, or other supplies.


What books do I need to bring?

Booklists will be sent out at the start of each semester. Books will generally be available for purchase online.


Will housing be provided?

Mosaic College does not offer student housing. Students are encouraged to secure housing near the church before the start of the semester. We will help as best we can to guide students in the process of deciding which areas to live, but ultimately housing responsibilities will fall on each student.


Housing resources: Apartments.comPad Mapper


Will I need a car?

Students are expected to secure reliable transportation to and from Mosaic for class, gatherings, and events. Although owning a car is not required, it is highly recommended.

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