When will I hear if I was accepted?

All applicants receive a “yes” or “no” approximately two weeks within submitting their application. 


Is there a cost for the Internship?

Yes. The cost for the summer is $1,000, which will cover the applicant’s program expenses. This fee is due upon claiming your spot in the Internship Program, and it is non-refundable.


Can I hold an outside job while interning?

Yes, however, be advised that this internship involves many late hours, and last-minute schedule changes. Please only consider taking outside work if your job will in no way interfere with your responsibilities related to the internship.


Are international applicants eligible?

Yes. We advise all interested international parties to research their country’s legal restrictions on visas, traveling, and working abroad. Please have all necessary government forms and allowances confirmed before claiming and paying for a spot in the Internship Program, as the cost of the program is non-refundable.


Is accommodation covered by MOSAIC?

No. Once accepted, MOSAIC will assist all the interns with finding appropriate housing to the best of our ability. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of each applicant to ensure they have a place to live for the duration of the Internship Program. 


Do I need a car?

Although a car is not required, it is highly recommended. Los Angeles is a huge city and each intern will have responsibilities that require them to have guaranteed mobility. if you are unable to secure transportation while you are here, it is important that you ensure you are able to transport to wherever you are needed. 


What does a normal week look like?

Interns agree to a mandatory time commitment of approximately 40 hours per week (Sunday – Thursday). Once an intern’s area of ministry and specific position are decided, they will be provided with more information on what a typical week entails.

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