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Joe Smith | August 22, 2020

Everything's been turned on its head - most of us are wondering what the future is going to look like. In this week’s message Pastor Joe Smith reminds us that the future is full of hope when we move with God. In John chapter 21 the disciples let fear, uncertainty, and worry be the voice they listen to instead of seeing the future Jesus had for them. If that’s not relatable, what is!?

The question we have to ask ourselves is this: what we going to become on the other side of this pandemic? Pastor Joe emphasizes that we must be willing to step into the uncertainty. If we want to have faith in the future, we cannot rely on our past narratives. Uncertainty pushes us to decide whether or not we believe God is with us. God called the disciples into uncharted waters. This season will either create fear or create faith. Which will we choose?

Our gut tells us that it’s hard to find God in the places we know we're not supposed to be. We have to move with God and expect Him to show up there. Jesus didn't condemn the disciples when they lost hope. Similarity, God waits for us in our futures expectantly. Our future is much like the disciples; it is not in the boat, It is in the uncharted waters. Even if we’ve failed in the past, the future call us to try again with God. When we invite God into the story, it changes everything.

“One more time with God can change everything.” - Joe Smith

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