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Battle Ready Podcast - S03 E10 | September 15, 2020

Erwin and Aaron dive into listener emails and discuss questions asked on dating, relationships and conflict.

On dating and relationships they explore the common problems that one of our listeners encounters: from not knowing what to look for in a partner, to knowing when it’s time to end things and move on. Erwin is always challenging Aaron to “cast his net” and continue to date, and that dating should be seen as a positive and proactive thing—refraining from dating is holding your future hostage to your past. Erwin notes that you shouldn’t look for someone who makes your life easier, but rather makes life more interesting.

A listener asks about conflict and how we should handle confrontations in our lives, from our close relationships to, as Erwin points out, the conflict-riddled world around us. When thinking about how we grow in relation to conflict, we shouldn’t assume that everyone responds the same. The best way to overcome these differences is to find conflict amongst ideas, not people. Erwin challenges us to win the person, not the argument.

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ANSWERING YOUR EMAILS PT. 1 || Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus

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