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Battle Ready Podcast - S03 E11 | September 18, 2020

Erwin and Aaron receive a rather interesting email from a listener who worries that the Battle Ready content isn't biblical. Erwin breaks down for us what 'biblical language' is and how it relates to Jesus.

How does the language of the Church relate to the outsider? Aaron and Erwin discuss how traditional Christian jargon can be alienating to a non-believer and create an exclusive 'insider' culture. Erwin explains his intention for Mosaic to be a place that uses human language so anyone can understand and experience connection.

They dive into the conflict between Christians and others who are used to hearing certain phrases and cliches, types of speech the email's writer strongly associates with faith. Erwin points out that we want to hear things explained in the language we're used to, but Jesus came and explained things to people, not in the language of the religious, but in the language of the people. His ability to communicate truths without religious language is something we all should strive toward.

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ANSWERING YOUR EMAILS PT. 2 || Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus

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