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Team Night
Q+A with Erwin McManus & Jerry Lorenzo | May 5, 2020

This week’s Team Night includes an incredibly insightful conversation between Fashion Designer and Fear of God founder, Jerry Lorenzo and our Lead Pastor, Erwin McManus.

They discuss the journey God has brought Jerry on throughout the years. He can see how God helped him form his vision throughout the years. When growing up, Jerry struggled to find spaces where he felt he could fit in. This became one of His biggest strengths as he has created a brand that makes people feel as though they can own who they are-and still be completely unique.

Pastor Erwin asked Jerry about success, stating that ‘Sometimes there is a greater strain from success than from failure’. Jerry responded with transparency as he explained that sometimes the criticism or weight that comes from success makes it necessary for him to stay away from voices that may bring discouragement.

As 2020 was expected to be a year of vision, Jerry Lorenzo and Pastor Erwin McManus emphasize that this time in quarantine is the perfect moment to create vision. ‘Crisis comes to bring vision’, Jerry states, reminding us that we are never victims, but we can accelerate in a time of hardship. Jerry encourages creatives that their gifts are just as important as other essential jobs right now.

"What you say-if it’s honest and with intention-will make room for you." - Jerry Lorenzo

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