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Erwin McManus | July 22, 2020

Pastor Erwin hosted a powerful conversation on how we can be a part of the solution of racial inequality. Chris Simmons and Gerald Davis joined the conversation. They are pastors at Cornerstone Baptist Church, the Church Pastor Erwin founded previous to Mosaic. Chris Simmons started the conversation by emphasizing the importance of building strong foundations as a Church. When foundations are built well, the building goes up easily.

They discussed the practical ways Cornerstone Baptist Church has met the needs of their community over the years. Pastor Erwin shared that he saw how systemic racism caused those who needed the most help have to work the hardest and pay the most for high-quality food, education and housing.

Pastor Erwin explained that he would pray that God would give him the ability to speak at the Cornerstone Church and give high-quality teaching. He felt this was his role in contributing quality to an environment that was at times given the lowest quality of many things. Pastor Erwin explained that moving forward, people in power have to chose to diversify their leadership.

“People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Chris Simmons

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