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Kim McManus | September 13, 2020

When God first dreamt up humanity, we were claimed as His own. We created to reflect God’s nature. He made us rare, true, courageous and irreplaceable. But over time this original design became flawed. Our uniqueness was traded for an all too common story of brokenness. We traded our rare masterpieces for stereotypical cycles.

To find out what God’s original design is for us, sometimes we have to look over our story with Him. Pastor Kim tells us her story of being raised in a home full of neglect, and eventually being put into the foster care system. She reflects on her story through the perspective of 2 Corinthians 3. Pastor Kim reminds us that with God, we can allow our physical masks and our emotional masks to come down.

God is in the business of uncovering the rare beauty He put inside of us. He wants the version of us that has been cleared of the debris, and He’ll stop at nothing to get to it. Thankfully, God leads us day by day on this journey. Since the beginning, we were designed to live out the most stunning version of ourselves-God’s original intention.

“Jesus is the complete Savior of all things human.” - Kim McManus

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