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Erwin McManus | April 26, 2020

We live in a world that is saturated with environments telling us that we have to prove ourselves to each other, and even to God. The the Bible tells a story that is quite contrary. Jesus died in our place to transform us from the inside-out, giving us a heart to love God and people. We no longer have to live with hatred or bitterness in our hearts.

When God created us, He called us good from the very beginning. In our very essence, we are worthy, wanted and loved by God. Unlike so many other things in our lives, worthiness is not something we can earn or deserve. We are simply called to live out of the goodness God put inside of us.

Based on Jeremiah 31, Pastor Erwin McManus delivers an incredibly insightful message reminding us of who we were intended to be from the very beginning. We are worthy , wanted, and loved more than we could possibly imagine. We no longer have to live to prove who we are, but simply be who we were always meant to be.

“God has re-created you as a masterpiece to do good works.” - Erwin McManus

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