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Joe Smith | November 15, 2020

There are moments in our lives when God has to get our attention. He is wanting to create a rhythm where He speaks and we listen up. God is trying to get us in tune with His Spirit. Acts chapter 8 helps us identify the importance not only of hearing what God is saying but it also teaches us to have the courage and maturity to respond to what He has told us.

When Phillip has an encounter with the angel, he’s unsure exactly where he was going. But, there was something in his soul that led him to Jerusalem. A lot of times we say we are willing to listen and be used by God but we want to know the plan first. We’re not always going to see the full map of what God is trying to do. We must exercise our trust to see exactly where God is leading us. Often times only God can take us to place we aren’t willing to go on our own. We must let God’s voice guide us.

There will be moments in our lives when we don’t know how to find or hear God. Hearing God’s voice doesn’t always come clearly and there will be questions and confusion. We must remember God speaks through His Spirit, His people, and His words. When Phillip had the encounter with the angel, he had no idea how that story was going to unfold. It’s in our hunger and pursuit of God that His voice will become more clear in our lives like Phillip’s. God wants to meet us in the moments when we don’t know what’s next.

“We want His Spirit and His voice to shape every choice, every decision that we make.”

-Joe Smith

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