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In 2011, we launched the Mosaic Hollywood location making Hollywood Mosaic’s singular focus, using the 7107 Hollywood Blvd property as a platform to reach the world. The time has come for us to become homeowners, to lay a foundation on the very corner where we have watched tens of thousands of lives transformed by the love of Jesus. We are at a crucial moment in Mosaic’s history - if we don’t buy the building now, we will have to find a new home.

From the initial 300 attendees on Easter in 2012, we’ve seen our community grow to over 10,000 on Easter in 2018 across six campuses.

Mosaic has become an invaluable asset to the local community,
with a  global reach to over 71 countries.

When my family moved to Los Angeles over 25 years ago, we came with the conviction that Los Angeles was the epicenter of human creativity. Creativity is the unique economy of Hollywood, and in the same way that Los Angeles inhales the world’s talent and beauty, it can exhale the gospel.  

While Mosaic’s influence spans the globe, the incubator for its unique message and culture is created out of the context of the unique culture of Los Angeles, and specifically Hollywood.

Mosaic has stood together in moments of triumph, compassion, hope, faith, and love. We cannot miss this miraculous moment to buy our present property and make it our permanent home.

If you are committed to the mission and message of Mosaic, we invite you to join us in this endeavor through your sacrificial giving. This once in a lifetime chance can only be seized if we all do this together.

In a city where no one moves to live forever, Mosaic has made the decision that we are here to stay.

This is our challenge. This is our story. Will you be a part of making history with us?

We Are Here To Stay.

Erwin Raphael McManus
Founder & Lead Pastor


MOSAIC           2019