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Emerson Nowotny | September 6, 2020

What does it look like to get in necessary trouble? Necessary trouble helps us create the future we long for. It gets in the way-in the best way. Pastor Emerson Nowotny reminds us out of the book of Acts that Paul often used necessary trouble to create good around him. We can learn so many beautiful lessons from Paul’s life.

Though life will always have trouble, nothing can stop us from having an encounter with our God. It’s often in the middle of trouble that God can stop us in our tracks and meet us. We must encounter the creator. God is the guide that leads us into situations where we become the answer to trouble.We can't meet God and do nothing. We must take action.

What are you waiting for? What has God put inside of you that can't wait until tomorrow? Do something with that nudge! If God is calling you to do good, then it is urgent and it is necessary! Paul risked his life to share what God places on his heart. What has God put on your heart for this season? Be inspired and take action. Don’t wait. The time is now!

“If God can’t trust us with trouble, He can’t trust us with life.” -Emerson Nowotny

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