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Battle Ready Podcast - S03 E08 | September 4, 2020

Erwin and Aaron discuss the current social culture of having to choose a side; right or wrong, left or right and the lack of space there is to disagree with oneself or to change your mind.

Our higher level of thinking is jilted when everyone close to us agrees with us, and we are unable to understand opposing viewpoints when we are consumed with being loyal to one side. They discuss the filter of bias, like when Erwin is categorized and filtered through a ‘right-wing’ lens because he is a Christian pastor. Aaron and Erwin discuss each side that exists on mask-wearing during Covid-19, the shooting of James Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the political landscape.

Aaron and Erwin discuss how it is okay to be wrong and to later disagree with yourself.
They reminisce about the many things in their past they now have changed. including trends, travel and music. The lack of permission to disagree with yourself has created a culture of cancel – no one is given the time to learn they were wrong and to change. Failure is demonized and as a society, we never grow or learn.

Erwin and Aaron talk about their own family dinner table having opposing views, and agree that when it comes to politics, you should attack the policy but not the person.

Erwin leaves us with the hope that even though we are imperfect humans, we can choose to assume the best in each other. If we could do this, it would create a ripple of positive effect and allow space for a more empathetic and beautiful future.

PERMISSION TO DISAGREE || Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus

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