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Erwin McManus | March 29, 2020

When resources are scarce and it feels as though stability is quickly slipping through our fingers, we find that surrender to Jesus becomes essential. For some of us, we have to decide to surrender all of our needs to Jesus. For others, we may have to choose to surrender our control and be generous with what God has entrusted us with.

In this week’s message, ‘Reclaiming Humanity’, Pastor Erwin challenges us to see the current economic crisis as an opportunity to be our most generous selves. Pastor Erwin uses the context of 2 Kings chapter 7 to emphasize the importance of fighting for a tribe instead of just ourselves, no matter how much we feel we have to offer at any given moment.

Though some may have much, and others have little, we are always meant to be generous with what we do have. Our little may be someone else’s biggest gift. Let’s be proud of who we are during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s be known as a generous tribe!

“Do not think for one second that you do not have exactly what the world needs most.” -Erwin McManus

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