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Erwin McManus | Self-Mastery Series | April 25, 2021

In this final installment to his ‘Self-Mastery’ series, Pastor Erwin helps us understand one of the most valuable and precious resources God designed us both to give and to receive – our energy.

Anchored in Luke 8:40-48, Pastor Erwin draws a parallel between our lives and the story of Jesus engaging a woman whose faith drew on his power. Her clear intention that Jesus could heal her caused an energy transfer that Jesus not only felt, but declared an action of great faith. If your life feels constantly depleted of energy, or you want to better funnel a surplus of energy in a positive direction, this talk will empower and transform you.

Don’t miss out on how you can achieve self-mastery and walk in God’s purpose for your life, with this powerful conclusion to an incredible series!

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