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Erwin McManus | Self-Mastery Series | April 11, 2021

Part one of a new series from Pastor Erwin McManus on the importance of self-mastery. To begin the journey of self-mastery, you must first learn how to take ownership over your life and choices. When we abdicate our responsibility for our choices, we then give away our power to change our future.

Out of the context of Genesis 3, Pastor Erwin relates the story of Adam and Eve and how neither took ownership for their actions in the Garden. Pastor Erwin insightfully unpacks the scriptures and the consequences of the fall of humanity away from God’s original intention. Blame was at the root of man’s separation from God, and the beginning of a history of no ownership between humanity and our creator.

If you desire to change your life and create a better future for yourself and your family, but don’t know where to begin – this talk is for you!

MOSAIC           2022