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Battle Ready Podcast - S03 E27 | November 13, 2020

After a quick tease of Erwin's upcoming new project, Aaron sits down with Joshua Rhodes, creative director and creator of The Last Adam — a faith-based clothing line and brand started in 2018 — and asks him about the origins of his brand, how he started out, and what he's learned along the way.

From creative purpose to the source of creativity and the importance of rest, Aaron and Joshua dive into the nuances of creation and artistic expression. They discuss the balance of work and personal creativity, sources of inspiration, and how authenticity in your brand is what creates genuine engagement.

Joshua shares the origins and inspirations behind his designs for The Last Adam, and his vision for what faith-based clothing could be. This leads to a larger discussion on creativity in the Church, how the majority of designs and content don't include the outsider, and the political divide seen in the church from the response to the "Defend the Oppressed" billboard which Joshua helped design.

Check out The Last Adam — thelastadam.com — and follow them @thelastadam_official

STARTING FROM SCRATCH: THE LAST ADAM || Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus with Joshua Rhodes

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