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Erwin McManus | January 17, 2021

For some of us, having faith in God comes more naturally. For others, it isn’t that simple. IIn this message from August of 2018, Pastor Erwin McManus walks us through his journey of finding faith. He explains that to him, the journey to Jesus was just that: a journey! Growing up he experienced a wide array of religions and was exposed to many world views. He did not imagine being a pastor when he grew up.

As we navigate our way through life, we are informed about different religions and ways to God. But how do we know which path really is the way? Pastor Erwin references John 14:6 when Jesus says “No one comes to the Father except through me.” He explains that Jesus came to us and did not force us to believe. Rather, our own souls call us to believe in something more, and that Jesus is the only God that is searching for us, rather than us searching for God.

When we have only a mathematical view of the world, we simply become a part of the falling domino effect. Our lives are a passive happening that we do not have freedom of choice inside of. But we know there must be more intention and meaning to our lives than this. We know deep down there is purpose and that our choices make a powerful impact on the future. Jesus’ life is the perfect example of a God who meets us right where we are and opens us up to the wonder of life all around us.

“Jesus came to show us what God would do to get to us.” -Erwin McManus

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