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Erwin McManus | April 19, 2020

There are moments in our lives when disappointment, pain, and chaos leave us with an existence defined by what we have lost. During this time in history, it is easy to get lost in our own tragedy. Many of us have lost our jobs, or simply we feel as though we have lost our sense of normal.

Jesus walked into human history 2,000 years ago and felt the weight of human suffering. He walked among humanity and brought people from their tragedy into a moment of endless opportunity. In the pinnacle of His life, Jesus took on the pain and suffering of the world.

Jesus was crucified and three days later He rose from the dead. Based on the book of 1 John, Pastor Erwin excavates the power of a God who faced death head-on and out of it, created new life for all of humanity. A life with no fear of death, fear of the future, or fear of pain.

“Jesus was crucified but death could not conquer life.” Pastor Erwin McManus

THE LIVING | Erwin McManus - MOSAIC:ONLINE | Easter Message 2020 Filmed at Mosaic South Pasadena

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