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The Path To Inner Peace
Erwin McManus | May 24, 2020

These times can feel so uncertain and the impact of this invisible virus is keeping us separated in a way we’ve never been before. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember we can stay connected regardless of distance. We can even GROW in connection more than before-but it does take courage.

As it can be easy to overlooked how interconnected we all really are, Pastor Erwin helps us remember this reality. Based on a passage in Galatians 3:28, he explains that God is trying to reconnect us and remind us there is power in oneness. There is power when we unite. God doesn’t want us to be separated and alone. God’s desire for us is that we realize that we’re never really alone.

Why does it take so long for our souls to realize they need God? Often times we forget we are actually a part of the human story and a part of God’s story. We forget that our choices have an impact on the human story. We must remember we’ve been given everything needed to not only survive but thrive together here on earth. We are dedicated as to uniting as one for the sake of bringing good into the world.

“God never intended for it to be ‘us verses them.’ It was simply supposed to be ‘us.” -Erwin McManus

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