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The Path To Inner Peace
Erwin McManus | May 3, 2020

During this unique moment in history, we have decided to prioritize the lives of others to stop the spread of COVID-19. There may not be another time in our lives where we can say that the world stopped its regular routine for the safety of others.

As many of us are experiencing a disruption in our regular daily schedule, many of us are also experiencing a disruption in our souls. With so much time to think about the unknown future that’s ahead of us, it can be easy to spiral into an inward crisis.

In John 16:33, Jesus makes it clear that times like this would come. He tells us that trouble is a part of living in the world that we’re in, but ultimately, He has overcome any trouble. In this powerful message, Pastor Erwin McManus reminds us that it is possible win the war that is raging within us when we invite Jesus and the power of community into our lives. Though we may have trouble surrounding us, this does not have to stop us from connecting with the peace within us.

Join us in this new series, ‘The Path to Inner Peace.’ We cant wait to see who we’ll become as we take this journey together.

“There may be nothing more powerful right now than the person who can bring peace because they know peace.” -Erwin McManus

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