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The Path To Inner Peace
Erwin McManus | May 10, 2020

As humans, we have survival instincts that tells us to avoid pain at all costs. But, if we’ve lived life for any amount of time, we realize quickly that pain is a part of life and not easily avoidable. At first, this pain may feel as though it is debilitating. But Jesus told a different story with His very own life.

Based on a passage in Luke 23, Pastor Erwin tells the story of Jesus facing pain head-on. We learn that the Messiah who came to rescue humans from their cycles of destruction did not avoid the pain that was required to save us. Jesus looked death and pain in the face and embraced it fully.

When we wonder where God is in our pain and how He could allow such suffering in the world, we find a surprisingly beautiful answer. God doesn’t just meet us on the other side when everything is better. God is waiting to meet us in our pain

.As we stand in the middle of painful moments in our lives and look for God, we will find that He had prepared a place of healing and comfort all along. We find that we were never alone-not once. Jesus gives us the courage to face the pain of life and see beauty surprise in the middle of it, as well as on the other side.

“People who carry their scars and wounds well are not defined by them but are refined by them.” -Erwin McManus

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