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Andres Figueroa | August 15, 2020

In our culture, we have a high value for feelings. We love a feel-good song or a feel-good movie. Who doesn’t? But as Pastor Andres shares in his message-feelings are great passengers, but terrible drivers. What do we do when our feelings are telling us all of the worst things about ourselves and the world around us?

Based on Psalm 103, Pastor Andres reminds us of how David told his soul to sing to God. He reminded himself of how good God is, has been and will continue to be. We all need reminders of the power and goodness of who God is. But stepping into these moments require an act of the will, not just a feeling. Feelings catch up to action as we exercise our will.

Whether we know it or not, we are all worshiping something. We are made to worship. It is simply in our design. Sometimes we worship wealth or status and other times it’s security. We were never made to worship anything other than Jesus. And when we worship God, it gets us ready for the next steps He has for us. Worship always prepares us for what’s ahead.

“Nothing can stop us from worshipping God.” - Andres Figueroa

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