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The Path To Inner Peace
Erwin McManus | May 31, 2020

In this moment, you may not feel powerful right now, and you may even feel overpowered. Nevertheless, everyone who’s trusted their life with Jesus has been given special gifts that can speak louder than words right now. The gift to serve. Serving is embedded in all of us thanks to Jesus and how he modeled leadership in His life. Pastor Erwin teaches out of 1 Peter 4:10, which states “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others.”

God wants to teach us to serve with our heart postures aligned with His. We can elevate our roles by taking a high level responsibility. We don’t do this so we can think more highly of ourselves, but so we can serve others and elevate them. When we wonder where God is in our hurt and suffering, we find a surprising answer.

God doesn’t come to meet us when everything is better or come only when things are right again. God is the greatest servant and shows us that He bends to our level and serves humanity in their time of need. This empowers us to serve one another in the same way. Jesus has already come to serve us, now it’s our turn to serve each other. Let’s move forward in power with a posture of service.

“There is only one purpose for the power you have been given, and that is to serve.” -Erwin McManus

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