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We are convinced Hollywood is the creative epicenter of the world and the capital of the future.

We came to Los Angeles on purpose, we came to Hollywood on purpose. We came here because God called us - not to just change the city but to change the course of humanity’s future and the church’s future.

If Mosaic was anywhere else, we wouldn’t have this culture, we wouldn’t have this message, we wouldn’t be creating the church of the future. The context shapes the message and the community. The reason that the message resonates in major cities all over the world is because it has come out of Los Angeles and this is the launching pad for impacting the world.

We must buy this property because the future of the church must be created here. Our calling is to impact the world and take the message Jesus has given us to the major cities of the world. In order to do this our home base must be solid and secured. 

This is only the beginning. The vision is bigger than one building, than just one city. It’s about reaching the world for Jesus.

We are buying a home in the heart of Hollywood.

MOSAIC           2019