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Mariah McManus | October 12, 2020

This weekend, Pastor Mariah McManus Goss brings us a powerful message reminding us of the power of Jesus within us. Though it can be easy to focus so much on our external world, but Pastor Mariah reminds us that Jesus is working on us from the inside-out. And we have value at our core that cannot be defined by our exterior.

2 Corinthians 4:7-12 reminds us that God uses our lives to display His power. Though at times our lives feel as though they are filled with cracks and weaknesses, this doesn’t have to feel like a dead-end road. God knows we are ordinary in so many ways, but we are also extraordinary in the way He shines through our cracks.

There is no need to hide or be ashamed of the containers that our lives are. Jesus died for us so we could live in an eternal freedom. When others have made us feel less than, God sees us as more. And as we let His words seep into our souls, we pour out good things through the cracks. No one else can fill us to the brim the way that Jesus does.

“Jesus is the permanent filling of the soul.” -Mariah McManus Goss

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