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Erwin McManus | March 22, 2020

If we’re honest with ourselves, we can admit that the current global crisis with COVID-19 has made us feel vulnerable. Some of us are faced with a financial crisis, while others are dealing with loneliness and the uncertainty of the future.

As a community, we believe that as soon as we call out to God for help, He is more than willing to provide what we need.In his message, "What the Joy", Pastor Erwin tells us an amazing story from his college years. After moving across the country in faith, God miraculously provided a car, groceries and a job when Pastor Erwin specifically prayed that God would help him.

In the book of James, we are encouraged to dig deep and find joy when we are faced with trials in our lives because trials are signals that God is up to something great.Instead of being defined by our circumstances, we are choosing to be a tribe defined by perseverance and joy. We can rise above anything that comes our way when God is the source of our joy!

“God wants us to find the greatest level of joy in the middle of the hardest circumstances.” -Erwin McManus

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