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To Mosaic:

I want to thank you for the support and time you spent with us.  My family is very happy and I want to share with you a passage. In Psalm 23:1 it says “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”  I want to share with you my understanding of this passage which is that Jehovah is my great shepherd and will never leave me and when we are in danger, he will be there right away with us.

I remember the day when we arrived at the border.  The migration officer didn’t want us to pass. He dragged me by my feet even thought my father would not let me go until my dad yelled at the officer. When the officer let me go, I fell to my knees, hitting my feet. They loaded us into the officer’s vehicle.  In the midst of the pain from my fall, I felt at the same time a joy because we had arrived at our destination in peace. We had no idea what lay ahead of us at that time.

I remember the day they separated me from my papa.  I felt so sad, like I had a knot in my stomach. Without telling me anything about my papa I was separated.  I kept asking the officials that about my papa but they didn’t pay attention to me. I was forced to bathe, change my clothes, and was then taken away without them telling me where I was going. I wanted so badly to talk to my papa and to tell him goodbye, but it wasn’t possible.  They loaded me by plane with other kids and we all were crying. Later on, I heard that they had taken us to New York. 

Then I was introduced to a foster mom, Francisca Feliz was her name.  When we arrived I learned I had to call her “mother” and was sent to bed. I kept waking up in the middle of the night scared, with nightmares…I felt that somebody was following me and was trying to kill me.  I also felt in my heart a lot of chest pain - I have no idea what it was - but I told myself I would pray. I wondered what was happening to me; when I stopped praying I felt the pain again and I opened my eyes I saw an angel from God.  I told him “Thank you for taking care of me; I know that you are with me.” The next day I felt a bit better and was more positive, although I had no idea when I was going to receive any update regarding my papa.

I remember the day papa called me and I got so excited to hear him. Immediately I told him, “Papa, papa, when are you going to pick me up? I am waiting for you and I am desperate!”  My papa said, “Forgive me I am a bad father. I want you to know that I am already home in Guatemala.” Right then I started crying so much; I had no idea what to do. 

They made me babysit the other kids. They took us to a party in which we came come around 2am from.  When we were on the way home from the party, we got in a car accident. We got really bad whiplash, but thank God we weren’t badly injured. The lady that looked after me tried to adopt me. For these reasons, we have to always be in prayer - when you get up and go to bed, pray before meals, pray on trips.  Always pray. May God be with you just as he was with me. This is my understanding of God’s word.

May God continue to bless you and may the church grow, in the name of Jesus.  May your names be in the book of life, peace and love. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share with you a few thoughts from the Bible and my great appreciation.  I will be praying for you in Jesus’ name. Thank you so much family.


MOSAIC           2022