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Mosaic is a community of faith born out of the heart of Los Angeles. Founded by iconoclast and futurist Erwin McManus, Mosaic has been named one of America’s ‘most influential churches.’

McManus has created a culture in Mosaic where anyone can belong before they believe, and Mosaic strives to create a home in the city for anyone who does not have one.

Mosaic is a multi-campus non-denominational church located in Hollywood with seven campuses located from Seattle to Mexico City.


We believe the church exists to declare the name of Jesus and to build a place called home for the many who do not have one.


Our mission is to be a church that lives by faith, is known by love, and is a voice of hope to the world.


1. Mission is why the church exists.
2. Love is the context for all mission.
3. Structure must always submit to spirit.
4. Relevance to culture is not optional.
5. Creativity is the natural result of spirituality.


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Erwin McManus
is an iconoclast, artist, and cultural thought leader known for his integration of creativity and spirituality.

He is the founder and lead pastor of Mosaic, a Los Angeles-based church of faith recognized as one of America’s most influential and innovative churches.

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Baptism is your public decision to follow Christ. We invite everyone who has decided to follow Jesus to stand in the water with us and declare that Jesus is Lord and you are all in!

At Mosaic, we designate specific Sundays for baptism and encourage you to invite your family and friends to witness this pivotal moment in your walk with Christ. 

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