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In times of crisis we don’t retreat - we advance.  We are creating and innovating new ways of helping people around the world find hope and encouragement during this pandemic.

We have to create a new future, we have within us everything necessary to come out of this crisis better than when we went in. Right now, the church has a unique opportunity to change humanity’s view of not just God, but of reality itself.  Now more than ever, people are searching for hope and Jesus is just one click away.

In addition to impacting our local communities and helping those who need it the most, Mosaic is taking over global land in virtual reality.  We have been chosen and equipped by God to make a difference in this world. The future of humanity is in our hands.

Below you can find some of the ways your genoristy has helped us serve our communities, both locally and globally.

Thank you for being a part of creating the future.


The future became the present

Our Mosaic:Online community has been present for the last several years, but in the weeks since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen disproportionate growth in our Online campus. We have been given the  the incredible opportunity to innovate and take ground in the internet space to create a new future.

→ 171,848 views and 1,147 decisions for Jesus since 3/15.
→ 50,408 people joined us online for Easter.
→ Over 100 Online Bible Studies with 10,359 attending.
1,474 people atteneded “The Cross” - a space where people who don’t know Jesus can come and ask questions.
→ Mosaic Valley, first campus to be launched online.
→ Our at home worship video for Fountian has over 12,000 views on YouTube and will be featured on Apple Music in May.


Generosity building the future

Of all the churches in America, 92% have seen their giving decrease during the pandemic - Mosaic however is a part of the 8% of churches whose giving has increased since the onset of COVID-19. Our community has stepped into generosity even more during this time of unrest and has stepped up to the challenge.

→ Mosaic’s 2020 average weekly giving has increased by 20.5% since the pandemic.
→ 5-week giving average has increased by 13.6% compared to this same time in 2019.
→ 222 new first-time givers since 3/15.

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